Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Finding the Love

There is a special Tower in Writer's Hell. Residing in the penthouse is Writer's Block along with Rejection. Self Doubt likes to come by for a painful game of poker from time to time. It's not a fun place to visit, let alone get stuck in.

Writer's block can last a few hours, or days, or months, or even years. The longer it lasts, the more painful it becomes. One day, you are plotting along (ha! get it?), weaving magic with your words and having amazing adventures with characters who feel more real than your family. Then, suddenly - BOOM! Writer's block blasts you off your feet. The magic is gone, and it took all the happy with it. You can't remember how writing once made you feel. You can't remember the love.

So what do you get instead? Voices. No, not the crazy kind, but the kind of voices that whisper in the back of your mind when you are feeling low. These voices are normally easy to ignore. But not in the Tower Penthouse. Oh no. In the Penthouse, those voices start to scream.


(And they always sound like the mother from Everybody Loves Raymond for some reason... What? Just us?)

But here's the thing: You can't let the voices win. No matter how much you want to roll over and give up, you have to make yourself get up and try, try again. You need to tell those nasty screams and doubts to F&$% off. Then you need to find your way back to the love.

For The Queen? Getting back to the love requires time and patience. We dive back into what made us love all of this stuff in the first place. First it's reading. Then it's fantasizing in an elaborate fashion (this is La La Land, after all). Then, finally, it's putting one word after the next. Those words become a sentence, and another, and another, until there is a whole page. Now two! And three! And... and.. and... Oh hell. You get the idea.

The point is, kiddos, don't give up. Not ever. It doesn't matter if only the Mother and Father of The Queen read your books. It doesn't matter if The Roommate is the only one to ever say you're brilliant. And it absolutely, posi-friggin-tively doesn't matter if no one ever reads this blog post.

Because for The Queen? Writing it was only ever about the love in the first place.

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