Sunday, May 11, 2014

Struggling with SNI

Today in LA LA Land, the Queen is struggling with an SNI. What is an SNI you ask? Well listen close kiddos, cause the Queen is gonna tell you.

The SNI: A Shiny New Idea. Often discovered when one is procrastinating, this sneaky temptress is the writing equivalent of The Other Woman. An SNI will use its shiny new-ness to lure you away from your current Work in Progress. Sneaky temptress, indeed!

SNIs are quite common in The Land of La since we spend much of our time fantasizing about something other than what we are currently doing. (Like working, or cleaning, or making a doctor’s appointment so that the mother of the Queen will quit pestering her already!). But it is paramount that we resist the siren call of this New Idea and make our current WIP the top priority.
Resist! The! Call!

Oh look! Another idea. And it’s SPARKLY!  

In other news, The Queen would like to wish a giant HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the lovely moms out there, including her own. 

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